Calamity Janine

Age: Mid-30s.

Appearance: Pleasantly zaftig miqo'te, much like instagram model Tabria Majors. Purple hair and fur, one green eye, one purple; freckles on her face and shoulders. When adventuring, often wears a rather expensive recreation of Allagan armor - from the House of Splendors, of course - with cloth dyed pink.

Occupation: Arcanist adventurer, semi-retired. Manager of Carbuncle Tail Provisions; employee of Llwellyn Trade Company.

Personality: Decidedly Limsan, with easygoing swagger. Pleasant and cheerful, especially with a drink in her hand, bordering on bawdy. Caring for others, but not quite maternal - more like your cool auntie who sends you the really choice Christmas gifts.

Accompanied by: At least one of her carbuncles - Acute, emerald; Obtuse, topaz; Right, ruby.

Pictures done by the wonderful Blockmind (left) and Voidshards (below).


Found floating in the sea in the wake of a shipwreck caused by the Calamity, she awoke to realize that not only had the Calamity robbed her of her belongings, but also her memories. The two rival nicknames for her aboard the ship of her rescuers - "that Calamity girl", and "looks a bit like a Janine" - eventually smashed together to become her adopted name.

After the ship's barber-surgeon spotted her apparent innate talent for arcanamia, she joined the crew of the Bloody Caress for the next few years. The clipper never saw any spectacular battles, but served for the Limsan cause bravely and faithfully until the crew was disbanded.

Since then, she has spent the remaining years working as an adventurer-for-hire, putting her talent for arcanamia to good use. Picking up odd jobs with a combination of charisma and luck has led her to wander into Coerthas with some regularity.

The connections she has made along the way eventually became the path forward to a sort of semi-retirement. Using her riches from adventuring, and investment from Llwellyn Trade, she is in the process of setting up a small takeaway cafe. However, she still has wandering feet, and constantly seems to be on the move due to wanderlust despite her professed desire to retire from the adventuring life.

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